Welcome to TechHell

I am the Systems Administrator From Hell, but you may call me, S.A.F.H, for short.

Welcome to TechHell, the place where I live, record events in my professional life, (names changed to protect the guilty), random stray thoughts, grandiose designs, snippets of code, and other dubious things I have created, copied or just plain absconded with.

If you have not figured this out yet, do not expect reverence, (I laugh at myself more than anyone else), subservience, (excluding to my wife), or any respect for the various sacred cows in our profession.

Do expect, honest opinions, good data, thought provoking commentary, common sense, (one hopes), heartfelt opinions, and seriously twisted sense of humor that only comes with 40+ years in the IT profession.

After a long hiatus, I’ve restarted by tech blog, and I am expanding my cooking blog, so like, follow, subscribe, give me a finger, (a thumbs up I hope), sit back and enjoy.

And yeah, I can be quite catty at times …