Yeah, that’s my office .. Uh, No.

The one phrase to sum up the past 50 years in technology is, “Variables won’t, Constants aren’t.” Or perhaps, “The only constant is change.”

With experiences, from the days of IBM System 32’s and SDLC to the internet, and the cloud, the one thing I have to pass on to the next generation, is “KEEP MOVING, the world will change, so be ready”

To quote the professionally crafted linkedin profile:

With 40+ years real life experience in the Information Technology arena, I bring a results oriented, experience tempered, drive to Technology Organizations.

I am currently working with a select group of high performance technology organizations.

Before semi-retiring, I held technology leadership and management positions in the publishing, market data, financial, data processing, international banking, and defense industries.

Specialties: Personnel, operations and procedures security, operations and security policies, business continuity, AWS integration, off site data replication, disaster recovery planning and operations (ala 9/11), systems security and operations, data center design, planning, construction, and operations, technology team construction, leadership, and management.